Paula Abdul's car troubles continued on Friday evening (01APR05), when her limousine was involved in an accident as she travelled to the set of a TV show.

The American Idol judge was recently fined and put on probation for two years after pleading no contest to a hit and run charge, following a traffic accident last year (04).

And Abdul was terrified history had repeated itself on her way to comedian Jay Leno's chat show studio in Los Angeles.

She told Leno, "Ironic as it may be (I was in an accident), on the way here. And thank God there someone next to me. My friend BRIAN and I were talking to him and all of a sudden, bam!

"He did a backward somersault and landed gracefully. I was like, 'An accident! Go figure!' The limo hit somebody. It's kinda weird."

Abdul also took the opportunity to discuss her conviction , adding, "I wasn't even aware that my car had been in an accident... There was no damage to my car... and there was very minimal damage to the other one. When I found out there was damage to the other car I immediately was happy to pay the $775."

04/04/2005 03:36