Former pop pin-up Paula Abdul wants to embark on life as a sitcom star, after appearing with Julia Roberts' brother ERIC in his show LESS THAN PERFECT.

In an episode of the comedy airing on Friday (04FEB05), the STRAIGHT UP singer plays Roberts' girlfriend, and she admits it was a far more pleasant experience than her role as a judge on hit TV contest American Idol.

She says, 'If I had my wish for any other job, I would want to have a job like that. I had a blast, and everyone was so fun and easygoing.

"They have such fun on their set. It's not how it is on American Idol, with the tension and stress. Live TV, you know, it's crazy.

"Doing the show is hard. The (contestants) don't realise sometimes that the joke is at their expense. I want to always fight to keep it human."

31/01/2005 21:24