Paula Abdul's dancing dreams have been shattered by the producer of American Idol - he doesn't want his top judge appearing on rival show Dancing With The Stars.
Abdul, a former choreographer, has made no secret of her desire to compete on Dancing With The Stars, revealing in a recent interview, "I'd be honoured. I want to wear the pretty dresses!"
But Idol executive producer Nigel hates the idea of Abdul waltzing away to another show on a rival U.S. TV network.
He tells In Touch magazine, "As far as I'm concerned, Paula is American Idol and our judge. It's like asking Simon (Cowell) to sing. Why would I want that?
"It's not that Paula wouldn't be good at it. She would be brilliant. But she was a dancer, so why would a dancer go on a dancing show? That doesn't seem fair to me!"
But the opposition hasn't put Abdul off: "I'm hypothetically thinking about it (Dancing With The Stars)."