Paul Young's wife Stacey has died after a two-year battle with brain cancer.

The former model - who has been married to the music star since 1987 - passed away earlier today (26.01.18), aged 52, in the presence of her husband and their three children - daughters Levi and Layla, and son Grady.

Young met Stacey on the video shoot for his second single, 'Come Back and Stay', in 1983, and they tied the knot four years later when they were living together in Los Angeles.

The couple split in 2006 and she subsequently had a fourth child, a son called Jude, with Israeli businessman Ilan Slazenger.

But they reconciled in 2009 and Young eventually became Jude's step-father.

Young admitted earlier this year that his wife needed to be ''pretty strong'' to be married to a rock musician.

The British star reflected: ''There was no point Stacey saying 'wait until your father gets home' as that could be three months as I was always away.

''I did take a bit of a break from touring when Levi was born as I felt I wanted to be home with them, but then I went back to it.''

Young also claimed that the couple had defied expectations by making their romance last.

Speaking in February 2017, he said: ''Ten years ago, Stacey and I split up as things weren't working for either of us but then three years later we got back together again. I know of other people who have got back together and it hasn't lasted, but we have kept at it.

''During the split, Stacey had a son, Jude, who is now 10. He lives with us, as well as spending time with his dad. Jude adores his older brother and sisters and always gets so excited when Grady is coming home from university.''