Paul Young has revealed how much ''hurt'' Gino D'Acampo's robbery caused him.

The 62-year-old singer is still devastated after the 42-year-old TV chef - who was 21 at the time - raided his family home and stole a mumber of items, including music featuring his late wife Stacey's voice.

Speaking to the Mirror, he opened up: ''When Stacey went there were certain bits of music I never got back. Let's say that - and that hurt me.''

Stacey passed away in January, and while Paul is heartbroken over the items taken in the robbery - which led to two years prison time for Gino - he doesn't want to spark further backlash against the 'This Morning' star.

He added: ''I try to keep a light-hearted attitude on that. He gets enough stick on social networking - he doesn't need my help as well.''

Paul - whose £4,000 guitar and platinum disc were also amongst the items stolen - recently appeared on the daytime show, which regularly features Gino.

He previously revealed the chef had called back in 2009 to apologise for the incident.

He explained: ''I don't hold it against him. He said it was bad and he apologised, and I did get most of the stuff back.

''Maybe he needed his wrist slapping and he got that. He said he was in a terrible place and wanted to turn his life around.''

The 'Every Time You Go Away' hitmaker was left devastated when his spouse - who he married in 1987 - passed away in January aged 52 following a two-year battle with brain cancer.

Sir Rod Stewart led tributes to Stacey following her tragic passing.

He tweeted: ''My dear Paul Young, my heart goes out to you for your loss. Stacey was warm, wonderful and always got the joke. Much love - Rod.''

Paul replied, revealing to his fans that Rod was responsible for getting them together.

He tweeted: ''Thanks Rod: still can't believe you recommended the brunette! And you were spot on x. (sic)''