Paul Weller has attacked his native Britain's "antiquated" way of teaching kids about music - urging teachers to modernise lessons. The GOING UNDERGROUND hitmaker has teamed up with education activists at Save The Music in an effort to prompt schools in America and Britain to revamp musical curriculums. Weller got involved with the cause when he realised his own children were being taught the same outdated things he grew up with when he was a kid. He says, "It's still (percussion instrument) triangles and KUMBAYA, which I guess for tiny kids is all right. But for older kids... it needs to be updated. You need to hook kids on something contemporary." Weller admits he would never have been a musician if his only training had come with the classes he took at school. He adds, "My older kids learned stuff that I was learning 35 years ago... It doesn't make sense to me now, and it didn't make sense to me 35 years ago, either." Weller admits he got into music at 14 when his parents bought him an electric guitar and he learned to play with the help of a chord book.