Rocker Paul Weller was mortified when The Who frontman Roger Daltrey called him 'middle-class', because he is still close to his working class roots despite his fame and fortune. The 48-year-old enjoys the trappings afforded him by more than 30 successful years in the music business, but misses the sense of community he experienced growing up in a working class family. Daltrey remarked at a recent meeting, "Isn't it funny how we're all middle class now?" Weller refuses to accept his comment and says, "I really wasn't having that one. "People have said in letters to me to give it a rest, banging on about the working class - but it's very important for me. "I don't miss many things but I miss the sense of community there was growing up. "It's something that is missing from a lot of people's lives. You need a sense of roots - your next door neighbour could be dead now and you wouldn't know about it."