British rocker Paul Weller fears he suffers from schizophrenia, but refuses to undergo therapy because he distrusts psychologists. The WILD WOOD hitmaker insists his family have learned to live with his bizarre behaviour and believes his mood swings are an integral part of his personality. He says, "I do go through many mood swings. The Many Mood Swings Of Paul Weller: that's the jazz album sorted. "Me smoking shisha on the front, wearing a fez. Yeah man! "I think my loved ones find it very, very hard because in a split second I can change. It's a form of schizophrenia, maybe not clinically, but it borders. "I can be as sweet as you like or I can be a horrible b**tard, and you don't know who's turning up. I accept that's the way I am and if you take one component out I'd change and be someone else. "I went to a shrink years ago but it only lasted two sessions because he was a w**ker. It was so cliched. Sitting on a chaise longue, tell me about your father. Oh please!"