British rocker Paul Weller was amazed the first time he toured America in the late 1970s, because he found the road trip a journey "back into the dark ages". At the time The Jam frontman Weller was more accustomed to the London punk scene, and found the band's 1978 US tour supporting heavy rock act Blue Oyster Cult a shock. He says, "It was like being on Mars. I couldn't relate to any of it. After the mini-revolution or whatever you want to call it of punk rock, it was like going back into the dark ages. "There were still people with long hair and flares, sitting on the floor smoking weed. I thought all that had gone, because in England it felt like it had. So I never related to America, man. "I couldn't wait to get home. Us going on tour with Blue Oyster Cult, that was never going to work. Three little w**kers from Woking (near London) with Vox amps and Rickenbackers doing our little 20 minutes, with all these hippies sitting on the floor looking bored and throwing fireworks at us. "It was f**king appalling."