Paul Weller is reportedly considering a reunion with The Jam after growing closer to former bandmate BRUCE FOXTON after his father's death.
The Modfather split from the group in 1982, and refused to talk to bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler for the following 25 years.
Weller and Foxton met up again in 2006 for a Who concert, and they've been rebuilding their friendship ever since, with Foxton showing his support by attending the funeral of Weller's dad John earlier this year (09).
The pair has spent several sessions recording new material for Weller's upcoming solo album, sparking speculation the band may reform.
A source tells Britain's The Sun, "Paul and Bruce get on well now. It didn't take long for them to re-establish their closeness after they met each other again. Bruce attended Paul's father's funeral in May. John Weller was instrumental in The Jam's success. Following that, Paul decided to invite Bruce to his studio to work on some ideas."