Veteran rocker Paul Weller has questioned the sincerity of politically active musicians including SIR Bob Geldof and BONO - branding their crusades "a bit suspect". The former The Jam frontman, who snubbed last summer's (05) Live 8 poverty awareness gig, claims celebrities who try to resolve the world's problems are arrogant and mentally unsound. Defending his decision not to appear at the global concert he says, "You can't knock the idea, but the amount of ego involved is sickening. "I don't want to knock it because if it saves lives, then who am I? "But when I see Sir Bob dressed as CHAIRMAN MAO with his fist raised, surrounded by African kids, it's a bit suspect." Weller insists he will never follow in the footsteps of crusading stars like U2's Bono. He adds, "I wouldn't want it to be (me). You've got to have such a massive ego to take yourself that seriously. "That's why he's an international star and I got the Tube down here. Suits me. "If that's what goes with the job, I don't want the job. "You have to have an ego to get onstage, but that's beyond it. It's mental illness."