The Summer Of Love has been voted the greatest year in pop music's history, with BBC Radio 2 listeners deciding 1967 still reigns supreme.

1967 was the year THE BEATLES set new standards with their SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEART CLUB BAND concept album, and JIMI HENDRIX stormed onto the scene with his axe-bending debut album ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? and sacrificed his guitar at the Monterey pop festival in California.

Former THE JAM singer Paul Weller cast his vote for 1967: "It was a very formative time for me when I was getting into music. It was the year of the concept album and there were so many fantastic singles, like SEE EMILY PLAY by Pink Floyd."

The year Elvis Presley burst into the charts - 1957 - is named in second place, closely followed by 1973 in third place, which marked the release of Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON album.

1966, which was graced by THE BEATLES' REVOLVER disc and Pet Sounds by THE Beach Boys comes in fourth, and 1969 rounds out the top five.

The top 10 years in pop music are as follows:

1. 1967

2. 1957

3. 1973

4. 1966

5. 1969

6. 1979

7. 1976

8. 2005

9. 1994

10. 1984.