The former The Jam frontman has been planning the concept for two years and wants to launch it with a one-hour special episode in the New Year (16), which will be filmed at his recording studio complex in south England.

Weller had initially wanted to shoot a series of half-hour episodes for broadcast online, but now he hopes the show could be pitched to a U.K. TV network.

He tells Uncut magazine, "I've been trying to do a TV show for about two years. At first, I wanted to do a series of half-hour shows and put them on the Internet, but it would be a proper TV show with guests. Now we're going to try to do a one-hour special early next year. We'll use my studio, set up the gear, I'll do a few songs and then we'll get guests to play a few songs.

"I've got to make a list of people I want to ask - I'd ask Robert Plant and Paul McCartney if they want to do it, but it'll be whoever is around at the time. It'll be quite raw, but the sound will be good and we'll get a proper director. We'd like to get TV people interested and we're talking to people, but I want to make it first, because I don't want the TV people to interfere with how it comes together."