British rocker Paul Weller has dismissed any fan's hopes for a The Jam reunion by insisting he has no interest in band get togethers.

The singer enjoyed a string of hits like Start!, Going Underground and A Town Called Malice with the mod trio before going solo at the end of 1982 - and he has never come close to reforming the group.

And now it seems such a reunion is a near impossibility after telling he doesn't care for groups like singer Pete Doherty's The Libertines, who recently reunited.

Weller says, "Good luck to them, I liked The Libertines, I loved their first two albums, well the only two albums. But I also liked Pete's last album, the Babyshambles album was great as well.

"It's no good asking me what do I think about bands getting back together, because I don't give a f**k about it really."