Paul Weller has ''panic dreams'' being going on tour.

The veteran rocker admits he still gets nervous before going on stage and always has the same nocturnal visions, which include being naked and performing to an unimpressed crowd.

He said: ''I always get it [panic dreams] before every tour, or I get them before every tour, and I maybe have a few nights of it before I start a tour, and everything goes wrong, everything you could possibly think of, or you walk out naked on stage and people leave as you're playing because people are disinterested, but I always have it, yeah.''

Though he sometimes has disturbing dreams, Paul also credits his sleeping time for some of his creative moments.

He told Absolute Radio: ''I don't know if I've ended up [getting an idea for a song], because that's the thing with dreams, they're so fleeting, aren't they, and by the time you've woken up they're kind of gone, aren't they, but I think a couple of times. I can't think of an actual title to give you, but sometimes I've woken up with maybe a lyric or maybe a little bit of melody sometimes.

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