Paul Weller is glad he isn't bald.

The 51-year-old singer has admitted he has only just stopped dyeing his tresses and is comfortable to show off his greying locks because at least he still has hair.

He said: "I was dyeing it up to a year ago, maybe more. There's no shame in it. So long as you don't end up with red hair or anything. I'm just thankful I've still got some."

Despite being proud to be grey, Paul believes that a good haircut is the biggest key to looking cool.

He said: "Hair and shoes are both equally important, but the hair maybe edges it. Your hair is an attitude really, or a statement. To me, they're both very important."

The former Jam singer admits he spent years abusing his body but in recent years has started looking after himself more and was surprised to discover how much he enjoys exercising.

He explained: "I have a health regime these days, I didn't for a long time. I used to think keeping fit and going to the gym was really boring, but not any more. Now it's more of a buzz, a different kind of high."