Paul Weller is considering getting Botox.

The 51-year-old musician admits he is vain and often thinks about having the wrinkle-smoothing injections to keep him looking young.

He said: "I think about it all the time, but I always get talked out of it.

"Because I'm so vain I hate seeing myself age. The age I'm at, though, I've got to learn to accept getting older. Apart from looking different physically, I'm still doing the same thing I've always done, so unless I look in the mirror, I don't feel that different from how I did 33 years ago."

Weller - who is dating 24-year-old backing singer Hannah Andrews - has no plans to retire from music when he reaches old age, and wants to play until he dies.

The 'Changingman' rocker - who has just released new album 'Wake Up The Nation' - added to Shortlist magazine: "If you still love it, what's to stop you? It's only in pop music we think like that, because in any other form of music around the world, people play until they fall over and die. They wouldn't pack it in just because they're 70.

"I just hope I'll still be here in 30 years. I like what John Lee Hooker did before he died. He played in a club, said goodbye to his friends, and just went home and died. He literally played right up until he died. That's what I want to do."