Rapper Paul Wall has reached out to fans online in a bid to put an end to reports he was shot and killed in a fight last week (ends01Aug08).
The Texas native was rumoured to have been gunned down after an altercation in south west Houston on Thursday (31Jul08).
But an alive and well Wall has spoken out about the incident, revealing he is mourning the loss of a close pal, who was murdered in the shoot out.
Checking in with hip-hop website SOHH.com, he says, "Hey what's up. I'm fine. Thank you for checking on me though. I'm fine, (but) my friend, Emmanuel Hobbs, was killed."
The body of Hobbs, 23, was found in a driveway on Thursday morning.
Police have launched an investigation into the violent incident, which saw three others injured.
However, details of the shooting remain scarce - and officers have yet to find a motive.
Houston Police Department Sergeant C.E. Elliot tells local reporters: "We're trying to piece together what happened here."