Rapper Paul Wall is upset after choosing to record his new album, GET MONEY, STAY TRUE, at Willie Nelson's Texas studio and missing out on meeting the country legend. The rap star and bejewelled oral accessories designer chose to work at Nelson's Austin studio because he felt he'd stand a good chance of meeting his hero - but that never happened. Wall tells MTV News, "I didn't get a chance to meet Willie... I'd love to meet him one time." But the rapper is a firm advocate of the country star's recording space in remote Texas - near his home in Houston - and he plans to use it again. He adds, "It was a lot of fun working out of there. It was one of the best experiences of my life. "It was just close enough to Houston, where we could drive back home at night and drive out there in the day, but far enough to (not be) be bothered. "The studio is kind of out there in the hills, a little bit off to the side to where our cell phones really didn't work too good. We were straight going out there with the mind frame to work and put out some music."