Hip-hop star Paul Wall has been forced to pray for his injured pals Travis Barker and ADAM 'DJ AM' GOLDSTEIN from his home in Houston, Texas - because all flights from the hurricane-ravaged state had been cancelled.
The former Blink-182 drummer and Goldstein were the only survivors after the Learjet they were passengers in on a Friday night (19Sep08) flight to California failed to clear the runway in South Carolina and burst into flames.
They have been hospitalised in a burns unit in Augusta, Georgia, where they are slowly recovering from their injuries. Four passengers died in the crash, including Barker's assistant Chris Baker - who was also close to Wall.
The Grillz hitmaker admits he attempted to get on a plane to be by his tourmates' bedsides, but the recent damage caused by Hurricane Ike has caused a backlog of flights out of Houston.
So he's been keeping his fingers crossed for their full recovery at home.
Wall tells MTV.com he's spent the last few days "thinking about my friends going through the plane crash, thinking about not having any power (in the city), sulking in my misery".
But being grounded has done nothing for his mood. He adds, "Just sitting at home has been depressing."
Now everything is getting back to normal, Wall is expecting to fly to New Mexico for a gig on Sunday (28Sep08). After the show, he plans on paying Barker, Goldstein and Baker's Los Angeles relatives a visit to offer his condolences, before flying to Georgia to support his pals.