Movie hunk Paul Walker has blasted the producers of the FAST + THE Furious franchise for leaving him out of their plans for a second sequel - after he gave them the idea for the film.

The actor, who starred in Fast + The Furious and 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, will not reprise his BRIAN O'CONNER (corr) in the second sequel; instead, rapper Bow Wow and Lucas Black will headline.

And Walker is far from happy - because he suggested a third film should be shot in Japan, which is where FAST + THE FURIOUS 3: JAPAN will be set.

He tells website About.Com. "I wanted to make another one, but my dream scenario was it was going to be (former co-stars) VIN (DIESEL), Tyrese (GIBSON) and I, and I spoke it over with the powers that be.

"They're like, 'Oh, f**k, we can't afford that.'"

"I was really disappointed when it didn't work out, but I really like Lucas Black... and I really think this third one could be the best one.

"The only thing that p**ses me off is before we did the sequel, I told them that we should shoot it in Japan... They looked at me like I was insane... Three years later that's exactly what it is. It's in Japan."