Hunky Paul Walker has blasted celebrities who complain about a lack of privacy - because staying out of the limelight is easy.

THE FAST + THE FURIOUS star insists he never has any problems with privacy issues because he only appears in gossip magazines when he wants to.

He barks, "People are sniveling about people bothering them and that sort of thing. You can get away from it. The bottom line is, 'If you don't want people bugging you, don't go to the mall, don't go shopping on Rodeo Drive. Don't go where the people are.'

"I don't read the magazines and I don't look at the magazine stands. I plead with my mom to no longer buy various publications but she's gonna buy them no matter what!

"So I'm like, 'Look, if you're gonna do that just make sure they're tucked away, so I don't see them when I come over.'

"As far as I'm concerned, I have my privacy. People generally don't bother me."

11/11/2003 21:03