Actor Paul Walker had to quickly learn to distinguish between his canine co-stars in his new movie EIGHT BELOW, after he was attacked by one of the dogs.

The Fast And The Furious hunk plays a guide at a scientific research centre in Antarctica who is forced to leave his beloved sled dog team behind when a massive storm strikes the area.

During filming dozens of identical dogs were required on the set at all times.

He explains, "The sled dogs are not known to be real affectionate. If they're socialised with people from a young age they can be really sweet, but they're a working dog primarily.

"There were a couple of dogs that played MAYA (one of the main dogs) and one of them was called Polar. Polar is really sweet, he's the one that likes to lick you and kiss you.

"I had accidentally mistaken KODA for Polar - that wasn't good. Koda isn't exactly the most personable dog."

He adds, "I worked with the dogs because my character in the movie is supposed to be really good with them.

"There was definitely a comfort level or a zone that we had to find with one another and a level of trust."