Paul Walker's daughter reportedly feels ''betrayed'' by her grandmother.

The late star's mother Cheryl Ann had dropped her petition to become legal guardian of 15-year-old Meadow after reaching an agreement out of court with the teenager's mother Rebecca Soteros, but a court has refused to dismiss the case.

Appointing an attorney for Meadow and ordering an investigation into her care, Commissioner David Cowan said yesterday (30.04.14): ''It is up to the court to decide whether guardianship case should be granted or denied.''

And Meadow - who had been staying with Cheryl Ann when her father was killed in car crash - is said to feel ''betrayed'' that her grandmother applied for guardianship without consulting her, arguing Rebecca had an alcohol problem and was unable to care for the teenager, and is also ''hurt and unhappy'' that she wasn't told her dad's brothers Cody and Caleb will appear in 'Fast & Furious 7'.

Meadow, who moved to California from Hawaii in 2011 to be closer to her father is currently staying with a family friend but wants to move back in with her mother.

A source told E! News: ''Meadow is doing well and still in school and spending time with her friends like any teenager.

''She soon hopes to move into a new home in the LA area with her mom.''

It was previously reported that Cheryl had promised to abandon her custody bid if Meadow's mother sought treatment in rehab for her ''serious drinking problem''.

Rebecca promised to check into rehab immediately and also agreed to regular drug testing after completing her stint as being with Meadow is the ''most important thing'' to her.

The youngster is set to inherit Paul's entire fortune of a reported $25 million after he named her as the sole beneficiary in his will.

The star also appointed his father, Paul Walker Sr., as the executor, and stated that Cheryl should become Meadow's legal guardian.