Actor Paul Sorvino is nursing his family dog back to health after the pooch was brutally shot on the grounds of his Los Angeles home during the holiday season.
The Goodfellas star's daughter, Amanda, the sister of Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, reveals she was horrified after she followed a trail of blood on the property and discovered their beloved pet, Unis, critically wounded.
The six-year-old white shepherd was rushed to a veterinarian and underwent several hours of emergency surgery.
Amanda tells the National Enquirer, "Unis was shot execution style! He was just jumping and playing in our fenced-in property, and someone savagely shot him from the top of a hill.
"It's amazing he survived."
And her actor dad is still keeping a close eye on the pooch as Unis prepares to have more surgery.
Paul Sorvino says, "It's unconscionable that this animal had to suffer so. This was a gentle animal that would not hurt a soul and may never walk properly again."
The incident remains under investigation by local authorities.