Veteran singer/songwriter Paul Simon was slapped by his wife Edie Brickell for breaking her heart during a domestic dispute at their Connecticut home last weekend (26-27Apr14), according to the official police report.

Cops were called to the couple's house in New Canaan on Saturday (26Apr14) and they were both issued with misdemeanours for disorderly conduct.

The Simon & Garfunkel star, 72, and his wife of almost 22 years played down the altercation during a court appearance on Monday (28Apr14), when they told the judge they did not feel threatened by one another.

Simon said, "We had an argument which is atypical of us. Neither of us has any fear or any reason to feel threatened. I don't feel like I need to be protected", while a statement issued by Brickell after the hearing read: "I got my feelings hurt and picked a fight with my husband. The police called it disorderly. Thank God it's orderly now."

The police report documenting the incident has since been made public and, according to investigators, it was folk singer Brickell who sparked the fight after losing her temper and slapping Simon for doing something that "broke her heart" after confronting him in their home music studio.

She did not go into detail about what offended her, but told officers her husband couldn't "handle being criticized in any manner and became confrontational".

The bust-up left Simon with a "superficial cut to his ear", while 47-year-old Brickell, who was noted as having "a strong odor of alcohol on her breath", suffered a "small bruise to her right wrist".

She also later told cops that Paul had been "acting like a spoiled baby" by calling the police over the argument.

Meanwhile, the couple is moving on from the domestic drama with a new song - Brickell posted an acoustic duet with Simon, titled Like To Get To Know You, on her website on Wednesday (30Apr14). On the track, they sing about feeling a little estranged from one another as they notice other couples getting along, before crooning, "I wouldn't trade places with anyone, none of them/ 'Cause I'd like to get to know you again."