LATEST: The producer behind tonight's (24APR06) controversial televised JOHN LENNON seance has blasted his critics, claiming the dead should be allowed to talk. Paul Sharratt first hit the headlines with his pay-per-view special THE SPIRIT OF PRINCESS DIANA, during which leading psychics attempted to contact the tragic royal. The 2003 show was savaged as insensitive and tacky by many critics, but it was a financial success and prompted Sharratt to do it again. For THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON special, the producer teamed up with Liverpudlian psychic JOE POWER among others in an effort to seek out the late beatle's spirit in many of his old haunts, like the Cavern Club and Strawberry Fields in Lennon's hometown of Liverpool. Sharratt says, "I personally can't see (why) these sort of people, who believed in the spirit world, they believed in the afterlife... shouldn't they speak again if they can." Meanwhile, the producer is upset that Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, refused to take part in the televised seance, which concludes with a chilling message from Lennon himself. Sharratt adds, "She hasn't spoken herself but through a representative she denied that John Lennon was interested in the spirit world, but that's certainly not the case as we've researched it. I'm sorry that she's not happy, but that's life." Ono's lawyer Elliot Mintz has called the TV special, "Tasteless, tacky and exploitative."