TAXI DRIVER screenwriter Paul Schrader has dismissed comments made by Robert De Niro that a sequel to the 1976 vigilante classic is being worked on.

Schrader, who is also a film-maker in his own right and has made movies including BLUE COLLAR, AMERICAN GIGOLO and AFFLICTION, admits he met up to discuss the idea of a follow-up with De Niro and director Martin Scorsese, but that they soon threw the idea out.

In January (05), De Niro was reported as saying, "I was talking with Martin Scorsese about doing what I guess you'd call a sequel to Taxi Driver, where he is older."

However, dismissing the likelihood of a sequel, Schrader says, "Absolute bulls**t. We did meet about four years ago - Marty, Bob and me - at Bob's suggestion.

"But we came to the mutual decision that it was a very bad idea. The rumour must have surfaced from there.

"The concept just didn't work. Travis (BICKLE, De Niro's character) is dead maybe six months after that movie ended. He was always on a suicide trip. If he didn't make it that time, how is he going to make it to middle age?

"I just couldn't imagine a middle-aged Travis. Could you?"

29/04/2005 20:03