Director Paul Schrader has compared Lindsay Lohan to her tragic heroine Marilyn Monroe, insisting the actresses share the same penchant for "tardiness", "tantrums" and "psychodrama".

The filmmaker has reflected on his experience working with the star of his erotic thriller The Canyons in an essay for, revealing she reminded him a lot of the late Hollywood bombshell - for both good reasons and bad.

He writes, "Similarities? Tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, absences, neediness, psychodrama - yes, all that, but something more, that thing that keeps you watching someone on screen, that thing you can't take your eyes off of, that magic, that mystery...

"I think Lohan has more natural acting talent than Monroe did, but, like Monroe, her weakness is her inability to fake it. She feels she must be experiencing an emotion in order to play it. This leads to all sorts of emotional turmoil, not to mention on-set delays and melodrama. It also leads, when the gods smile, to movie magic."

And Schrader insists he has no regrets about casting Lohan as his leading lady: "From a director's point of view, that is from my point of view, it was a treat to work with Lindsay. All the drama, the mishegas, all the stress - that means little. A director can shoot around misbehavior. He can't shoot around lack of charisma."

The Canyons, which co-stars porn actor James Deen, was on the verge of becoming a major flop after it was denied screening slots at a string of film festivals last year (12), but it has since been picked up for release in North America by IFC Films and will have its world premiere in New York on 29 July (13), before screening at Italy's Venice Film Festival next month (Aug13), when Schrader will serve on the festival jury.

Lohan will miss the Big Apple premiere as she completes her 90-day court-ordered stint in rehab. She is expected to be released in early August (13).