Paul Rudd would like to create his own superhero.

The 'How Do You Know' actor has developed a whole persona for his proposed character, who he has named Doctor Thesaurus, and even decided he wants his superpower to be based on a popular word puzzle game.

He said: "Doctor Thesaurus. I think he'd be called maybe Charles Thesaurus. Chuck to his friends, of which there is really only one. And my superhero abilities are really on a smaller scale.

"I'm absolutely unbeatable at Scrabble. That's it. That's my power. Able to use a triple word score at any given turn."

Paul, 41, has played several wimpy characters in movies such as 'I Could Never Be Your Woman', 'P.S.' and 'Over Her Dead Body' but insists he is very different in real life, though he admits he hasn't done any physical work for a long time.

He told Shortlist magazine: "I made a candle holder in the shape of a sleigh that was made of metal. And it was made for Christmas. I made that in school. I've made a lot of things with my hands.

"I built some shelves, does that count? I built a sandcastle once."