Paul Rudd finds theatre ''less appealing'' than shooting movies.

The 44-year-old actor - who has two children, seven-year-old son Jack, and daughter Darby, three, with his wife Julie Yaeger - admits he would prefer to be cast in a film rather than take to the stage for a production because the days are longer in plays and he only gets one day off a week to relax and spend time with his family.

Speaking to Total Film, he said: ''I just finished this play [on Broadway] with Michael Shannon called 'Grace'. I love doing plays, but it is an interesting grind, and exhausting in a way I find less appealing. Having just one day off a week is a real pain. Especially as I've got kids. Films are easier? No, films are just a different way of neglecting them! There are times when I'm like, 'Oh God I wish I could stay at home and hang out with my kids.'' And then Sunday rolls around and all I want to do is watch a football game but I have to go to theatre... ''

However, the 'Prince Avalanche' star insists he does miss theatre when he has takes a year away from it in order to work on a movie.

He explained: ''It sounds terrible that I'm b****ing about all this. Because those little things do become annoying over a long run. But, at the same time, a year will go by and you don't do a play, and you're like, 'All I want to do is go back and do another play'.''