Actor Paul Rudd was once left disgusted after a friend discovered a dead squirrel in his couch.

The Knocked Up star reveals the furry friend had found its way into his home via the chimney, and caused havoc while he was away.

He tried and failed to find the animal and simply assumed that it had managed to escape - but the squirrel made a horrifying reappearance a year later.

Rudd tells U.S. talk show host David Letterman, "One time, when we weren't there, a squirrel got in the chimney... and it just chewed up everything, and then we couldn't find it. Eventually there wasn't a smell, so we thought it got back up the chimney (and got out)

"About a year later, I had some buddies over... and on the couch upstairs, a friend of mine... is sleeping and he had his hand in between the cushions and he's like, 'Oh, it's like a stuffed animal or something,' and he just pulled out a flattened squirrel.

"He came downstairs really shaken, as you would, and he said, 'Come upstairs for a second.' I went up and he said, 'Look,' and it was just this squirrel sitting there and I screamed. Then we lifted up the couch cushion and it was disgusting... There were maggots all over the (bottom of the couch)... I sawed the couch in half and got rid of it that night."