Actor Paul Reubens is warning all Americans to ask themselves if they have anything incriminating in their home, after he had electronics and artwork confiscated in a police raid.

Pee-Wee Herman's alter-ego was arrested and charged with obscenity violations last November (03) after Los Angeles police marched into his home and allegedly found offensive material among his collection of "kitschy" art.

Police then confiscated three computers, address books and a Palm Pilot among 30,000 items - and Reubens claims he still hasn't had his belongings returned, even though child porn charges against him have been dropped.

He says, "People should ask themselves, 'What do I have in my house? What would I do if the police came with no warning?'"

Reubens insists the police made too much of the "funny stuff" he collects.

He adds, "There were nude pictures. It's a collection of vintage photography and a lot of it is erotic or sexual. But I don't view my collection as dirty in any way. I view it as art."

Police are destroying more than 170 "obscene" items they took from Reubens' home.

02/04/2004 08:54