Actor Paul Reubens is grateful to bosses of comedy show SATURDAY LIGHT LIVE for rejecting him, because it helped him secure his success as PEE-WEE HERMAN.

The scandal-plagued screen star was initially horrified when bosses decided against hiring him on the long-running sketch show, but it soon turned out to be the best thing that ever happened for his career.

He says, "THE PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW... was really out of spite for not getting Saturday Night Live.

"I was one of the finalists for the first season without the original cast... I didn't get it at the very last minute and I thought, 'I'll show them!' and went and produced this stage show which never would have happened had I not been rejected by Saturday Night Live."

The show went on to win 22 Emmy Awards.

23/11/2004 09:34