Paul Reubens gave U.S. TV audiences a late night laugh on Tuesday (22Sep09) when he reprised his alter-ego PEE-WEE HERMAN almost two decades after retiring the character.
Wearing his trademark red bow tie and slim grey suit, Reubens slipped into character on The Jay Leno Show for the first time since 1990.
The wacky actor was on the show to promote an upcoming Los Angeles theatre project, in which he'll return to his zany role.
The man-child tested the TV audience's reaction as he poked fun at young celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, and made sly comments about the siblings' famous abstinence rings.
Pointing to a ring on his left hand, Reubens told Leno: "I didn't get married; it's my abstinence ring. I'm only two days into it."
The Pee-Wee Herman Show will run at the Music Box theatre in Los Angeles from 19 to 29 November (09).