LATEST: Actor Paul Reubens has agreed to register as a sex offender for three years as part of a plea bargain to remove charges of child pornography from his record.

California judge CAROL H REHM has dismissed the child porn charges against Pee-Wee Herman's alter-ego after the actor confessed to a separate misdemeanour obscenity charge.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Reubens also agreed to pay a $100 (GBP55.50) fine and to enter a counselling programme for a year.

The BLOW star was arrested early last year following a raid on his home. Investigators claimed they had seized a number of erotic images, including those of minors engaged in sexual conduct in the raid.

Reubens has always maintained the pictures are part of his vintage art collection, and not related to anything improper.

22/03/2004 09:31