British DJ Paul Oakenfold is desperate to quit the music business so he can become a film producer. The 43-year-old mixmeister is prepared to do what ever it takes to make it in Hollywood - he recently moved to Los Angeles and earlier this year he collaborated with 8 Mile actress Brittany Murphy on UK top-ten hit Faster Kill Pussycat. Oakenfold admits he's tailoring his career to help him realise his movie ambition, saying, "Over three years ago I made a conscious effort to move away from DJing and work more on film soundtracks. I'd eventually like to move more and more into film and out of the music business. "I've worked on soundtracks for movies like Shrek, COLLATERAL, The Bourne Identity and The Matrix, but I'd love to get into film production. A friend of mine is a writer in England, so who knows?