Movie veteran Paul Newman has "retired" from the OSCARS - and he has marked the occasion by burning his tuxedo.

The actor, who was nominated for Road To Perdition earlier this year (03), has decided he'll never head up the red carpet again, and he has made sure he'll stick to his decision by setting fire to his awards show outfit - much to the annoyance of wife Joanne Woodward.

The stubborn star says, "I set fire to it in the driveway and Joanne was running around like a chicken saying, 'You're setting fire to the house.'

"I just figured that, at the age of 70, I had received enough awards for all normal purposes and I was quitting.

"I don't need it, I don't want it. I think Joanne saved one of the tuxedos for me to get buried in. She has to get even somehow."

26/11/2003 09:06