Hollywood veteran Paul Newman regrets clearing out all his tuxedos from his wardrobe - because his wife loves seeing him in a smart suit.

The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID star, 79, decided he no longer needed to worry about dressing to impress anymore, so organised a ceremonial bonfire of his unwanted clothes.

However, his wife of 46 years, They Might Be Giants actress JOANNE WOODWARD, was horrified by the pyre.

Newman laments, "The worst thing I ever did to my wife was burn all my tuxedos.

"I figured if I've achieved anything, it's reaching the point at which I don't have to dress up to impress people any more. So I had a big bonfire - it felt fantastic.

"She was devastated. She really likes the look of me in a tux."

But, due to some quick thinking from Woodward, all was not lost.

Newman adds, "She hid one on the day of the bonfire and says she's going to have me buried in it!"

20/04/2004 13:38