Paul Newman's wife is begging him to give up motor racing as he approaches his 80th birthday - as she's worried his hobby could kill him.

Joanne Woodward, 74, wants her husband to stop partaking in the deadly sport when he enters his ninth decade next Wednesday (26JAN05) especially after his lucky escape last month (DEC04) in Florida when the car he was testing burst into flames.

His spouse of 46-years been pinning pictures of serious crashes on the refrigerator to deter Newman from continuing to indulge in his passion.

Newman's biographer DANIEL O'BRIEN says, "From the day he started motor racing she wasn't happy with it.

"She has been worried he is going to hurt himself. She believes that at his age he is putting himself in danger. A few years ago he said he'd give it up but that still hasn't happened.

"She is worried that as he gets older his reflexes will get slower and will be more at risk."

23/01/2005 14:40