Veteran actor Paul Newman has shocked fans by announcing he'll retire from acting after starring in one final movie.

The legendary Hollywood star - whose career has spanned five decades - has decided to quit the film business and his motor racing hobby to relax at home with his wife of 47 years, Joanne Woodward.

However, Newman has assured cinema-goers he'll make one more big screen appearance "for good luck".

Referring to his retirement from both Hollywood and the racing track, 80-year-old Newman says, "I think both are winding down. I'll probably race for another year.

"Joanne is the artistic director of the Westport Country Playhouse (a theatre near the couple's Connecticut home) and her duties will stop this year. If my racing stops, the two of us will be together, spend some time just horsing around."

Regularly hailed one of the greatest movie stars ever, Newman made his motion picture debut in 1954 film THE SILVER CHALICE, and went to score millions of fans and critical acclaim for his performances in The Hustler, COOL HAND LUKE, The Sting and Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

More recently he's won rave reviews in films like The Hudsucker Proxy, NOBODY'S FOOL and 2002's Road To Perdition.

Newman has been a motorsports enthusiast since he starred in the 1968 racing film WINNING and still competes regularly.

13/03/2005 14:38