Ageing movie legend Paul Newman has hinted he may not retire from acting after all, because his busy life keeps him happy.

The 80-year-old silver screen idol-turned-racing driver-turned-salad dressing entrepreneur last month (MAR05) announced his plans to quit after one final leading role - thought to be a collaboration with BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID co-star Robert Redford in an adaptation of BILL BRYSON novel A WALK IN THE WOODS.

Speaking of both his acting and racing driving careers, he said at the time, "I think both are winding down. I'll probably race for another year," adding he'd take on one final project "for good luck".

But Newman admits he has been trying to retire for years, and always fails.

He tells gossip site THE SCOOP, "I keep trying to retire from everything, and I discover I've retired from absolutely nothing.

"My health is good, my knees are good, and I've got a good lady. So I have nothing to complain about. At my age, I ought to be able to complain about something."

07/04/2005 17:04