Wrestler TRIPLE H has returned from a trip to visit troops in Afghanistan with a stern Christmas message for Americans - "Don't forget the soldiers out there."

The WWE hunk, real name JEAN-Paul Levesque (corr), and his fighting friends recently staged a wrestling festival for troops based in Afghanistan as part of an annual TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS TV special, which this year (05) airs in America on Monday night (19DEC05).

After jetting off to Iraq in past years, Triple H was disheartened to hear how demoralised troops in Afghanistan are because they think Americans don't care about them.

He says, "I think a lot of people in the US take for granted the freedom that these guys are fighting for every day and they need to understand what these guys go through and they need to support them.

"The biggest thing in Afghanistan that we heard across the board is they feel like they've been forgotten. If you're in Iraq, there's media play on it - it's all negative, unfortunately - but at least it's talked about; they don't even get mentioned. It's like they're not even there any more.

"They're putting together hospitals and schools and doing all this wonderful stuff, having the first elections in 5,000 years... and it's never mentioned."