Hard Times Of Rj Berger star Paul Iacono has 'come out' as a bisexual.
The 23-year-old actor, who took on the title role in the saucy MTV series, has revealed he's attracted to both men and women.
Opening up to The Village Voice, he says, "I think it's the right time to say something. I grew up in a really old-school Italian traditional family in New Jersey. I tried coming out a couple of times as a kid, from 13-14 on... I was just coming to terms with the fact that I was bisexual.
"I am attracted to girls, I'm just attracted to guys much more. It was not until I was 18 that I came out with my mom and 20 with my dad. I was older and able to address it from a different perspective."
And the actor, who has previously been snapped kissing socialite Paris Hilton, hopes his public announcement will help fans, so other kids "won't have to grow up and be afraid of their sexuality".