Writer/director Paul Haggis has vowed never to sell an old chair he was once given after helping a friend pen a TV script - because he's convinced the piece of furniture is his good luck charm. Haggis's pal had to rush-write an episode of '70s/'80s show One Day At A Time and asked the future Oscar winner to lend a hand. And the Crash filmmaker's goodwill gesture not only netted him a free chair, but kickstarted his career as well. He says, "I was trying to break into writing and getting nowhere. "I met a young writer who was working on a One Day At A Time script. He was worried because it was due on Monday and he hadn't written a thing. So I told him I'd write it with him. "He couldn't give me credit, so he felt guilty. I'd been sitting in this comfy chair he'd gotten at the Salvation Army, so I said, 'I'll take this.' "It's still in my house. I'll never get rid of that chair, because when he turned that script in, he said, 'I wrote it with a guy named Paul Haggis.' And from that, I got hired to write for Diff'rent Stokes."