The British filmmaker is well versed in the spy genre, and is the man behind three of the Bourne films. Matt Damon has recently been talking about how he prefers his Jason Bourne character to that of super sleuth James Bond, and Paul has now echoed the Oscar-winner’s sentiments.

"Honesty and truly no," he told BBC’s Radio 4’s Today programme when asked if he’d like to direct a Bond flick. "I mean I know (Bond producer) Barbara Broccoli and we’ve discussed it. It’s a bit like your football team, you can’t… I’m a Bourne man, I like Bourne. And I’ve said before, listen it’s a great, great franchisee of course it is, it’s been going for 50 years, you’ve got to salute its success."

And much like Matt, who called 007 a "misogynist" in a recent chat with Britain’s Esquire magazine, the biggest problem for Paul lies in what Bond stands for. Whereas the character of Jason Bourne is a modern invention, Bond dates back to the 1950s, when author IAN FLEMING first penned the books.

"Speaking personally as a filmmaker I think encoded in Bond are a series of values about Britain, about the world, about masculinity, about power, about the empire that I don’t share," he admitted. "Quite the reverse. Whereas in Bourne I think encoded is much more scepticism. There’s an us and a them and Bourne is an us, whereas Bond is working for them.

"And so speaking as one of the people as a kid who was always at the back of the class throwing bread rolls, I’m definitely on the Bourne side of the fence."

New movie Jason Bourne hits cinemas from 27 July (16).