Paul Greengrass is too busy to make another 'Bourne' movie.

The director, who helmed the second and third instalments of the action franchise, admits he wants to do other projects rather than work on a fourth film.

He said: "I just felt that I'd done it. There's nothing unnatural about that. To make a film is eighteen months of your life. It's seven days a week. It's twenty hours a day.

"There were just too many other things that I was interested in. I felt that I had a wonderful, wonderful time. I loved it and I want it to continue and I hope that it does."

However, he confirmed there was no falling out with anyone and his departure from the movies was amicable.

He told "In the end contrary to the reports there was never an argument with the studio of any kind at all. I did spend some time thinking that I might and sort of getting myself to a place of asking what it would be and that's the place, it's only when you do that where you actually find, 'You know what, I'm sort of gone. I'm onto other things.'

"So I explained to them and we had a very nice discussion and they were completely understanding."

In January, 'Bourne' series star Matt Damon confirmed he wouldn't be involved in a fourth film and suggested what would be made would be a prelude to the original 2002 'Bourne Identity' movie.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I don't know you know. I think it will be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one.

"I think we are probably five years away from another one. We gotta get a script."