Paul Greengrass thinks 'Green Zone' is not a "formulaic big movie".

The director, who reunited with 'Bourne' series star Matt Damon for the Iraq war movie - which tells the tale of a US army officer on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction - thinks studio Universal made a brave choice when they commissioned the film.

He said: "I wouldn't say this is safe. These types of big films you'll say, 'Oh, that's a pretty formulaic big movie.'

"What I'm saying is that this one is not. What I'm saying is Universal should be applauded for being bold. I certainly applaud them. I think they've been fantastic and are only ever entirely supportive to me and that's great."

Paul also admits he has made multiple films with the studio because he believes they nurture directors.

He told "That's why I've made four films at Universal... they have a great culture of longevity and partnership. I mean, this film, however we cut it, is a bold roll of the dice for me and for them and for Matt and for everybody.

"You know, it's trying to do something bold in the mainstream, where it's hard, where you and your colleagues will justifiably criticise us for being samey and being safe, you know?"

'Green Zone' is released worldwide in March and April.