Hollywood movie-maker Paul Greengrass has signed up to direct Matt Damon in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM - the third installment of the action franchise. Speaking at last night's (13MAR06) Empire Awards in London, the director, who also helmed THE Bourne Supremacy after The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman pulled out, insisted The Bourne Ultimatum will be bigger and better than its predecessors in every way. He says, "We've got a script and we're underway. It's a new story, completely different from the novel. It was written by Tony Gilroy and Tom Stoppard. "It's going to have all the excitement you'd expect from a Bourne film and all the intensity you'd expect from a Bourne story. I can't wait - it's just going to be f**king fantastic. "It's going to rock. That's honestly what it's going to do. What direction? We'll have a better car chase, have more exciting action, more intensity and just generally be a f**king classy film. I think Matt Damon's looking forward to it like I am. It's going to be an absolute laugh."