On the show, the actor plays Chuck Rhoades, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who has a secret life as a bondage and discipline sado-masochist (BDSM) at home with his wife, played The 5th Wave actress Maggie Siff.

But Paul doesn't get too excited by bizarre sex scenes - in fact he dozes off.

"Being tied up made me really relaxed to the point where I kept falling asleep," he tells Gotham magazine, revealing he once had a rude awakening.

"At one point Maggie had to use a low voltage prod on me which no one knew how to operate. I was falling asleep and she's tickling me with the thing by really pressing it into me.

"But then she kinda runs it lightly from my navel to my chest and it shocks the living hell out of me. After that I was wide awake. She didn't try it again."

But the TV couple didn't fall out over the alarming sex scene, in fact they were spotted dining out at fancy French restaurant Bagatelle in New York's Meatpacking district earlier this week (27Sep16).

According to a fellow diner, the pair looked like old friends. Giamatti politely declined a tower of oysters presented to him by

two fans and opted instead for a three course dinner including a kale salad, wagyu bavette steak and berries for dessert.